There’s no hiding with WhatsApp!

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Popular messaging application WhatsApp has now prevented people all over the world from ignoring people they don’t wish to speak to.

From now on, two blue ticks will appear to show the sender if the recipient has opened and read the message as well as showing what time it was read.

Previously, a single grey tick would mean the message was sent and two grey ticks would mean the message has been received by the other person.


In group chats it will also show the tick when every person has read the message as well as informing the sender who out of the group have read it.

The updates have received mixed reviews from Twitter users as some are worried that it may cause arguments between friends, partners and parents as a lot of people would get upset if they knew someone had read their message but chosen to ignore them.

The developers of the app explained ‘If you only see a single tick marked next to your message, there is likely nothing wrong with WhatsApp or your phone,’ which may cause problems for the younger teenage generation that use the app who pretend to their parents that they can’t reply due to a faulty phone when they’re out with friends.

There is no opt-out function on the app and those currently using WhatsApp are required to update their application for the changes made to take effect.



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