Hoteliers call for a ‘Guggenheim’ in the port

PERMANENT ICON: Alicante's port area was bustling during the Volvo Ocean Race launch

FOLLOWING the success of the launch of the Volvo Ocean Race in the port of Alicante, hoteliers are calling for the area to become a permanent tourist attraction.

The Provincial Hotel Association say after over 300,000 visitors in the area to the Race Village, the port has been left spookily empty and predict it will remain so until the start of the next race in 2017.

President of the hotel association, Cristina Rodes is calling of the Ministry of Development, the Port of Alicante and the Generalitat to create a flagship icon that will draw in tourists all year round: “Valencia has the City of Arts and Sciences, Bilbao the Guggenheim, so why not get something for the Volvo zone, an event that has shown tremendous power of attraction but now what? Three years of an empty campus?”




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