Catherine (Deb) McAndrew – hypnotherapist

Catherine (Deb) McAndrew – hypnotherapist

CATHERINE MCANDREW (better known as Deb) is one of those people that puts you immediately at ease. Deb is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and reiki therapist, but is also studying reflexology.

Deb helps people with a multitude of ailments. Of course there are the usual smoking and weight issues that most of us associate with hypnotherapy, but Debs is especially skilled in helping people with anxiety and depression or deep rooted issues such as childhood traumas, abuse and the ending of a relationship, as well as irrational fears and phobias. There is no need to suffer any longer because help is at hand under the care and attention of Deb McAndrew.

Deb keeps you conscious at all times, fully relaxes you and then speaks directly to your subconscious, helping with issues that can form barriers to your state of mind and emotional wellbeing. Throughout the therapy sessions you will be awake and aware, which should reassure people who misunderstand what the therapy entails.


Deb’s therapy sessions are carried out in her home just outside Almanzora and she has clients from the surrounding areas.

Speak to Deb McAndrew today and get the life you know you deserve.


Deb McAndrew

Tlf: 622 577 379

Email: [email protected]


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