Ray Europa; leading satellite suppliers

SATELLITES: the highest quality dish and installation from Ray Europa

RAY EUROPA is a leading, supplier and installer of satellites and TV services and the latest internet services.

The company covers an extensive area from Alicante to Valencia providing customers with the best possible system and equipment they need for their requirements using owner Ray’s 25 years of experience in the industry. Ray uses his professionalism and corporate mentality bringing his customers first class products and services and has welcomed over 150 new clients in the last six months: “My background in business solutions means when I will carry out a free on site service, I will look for the best solution for you and your home and not just try and sell you the most expensive system. I also include three free call outs should they be needed.”

For customers wanting television, Ray Europa will access your position to be able to get the correct size of satellite you will need and also the size of bracket to ensure there is no movement or loss of signal and picture; both of the highest quality with the latest dishes available. For a group of neighbours, he is also happy to recommend a satellite share and provide the most cost effective method that will best meet you needs.


Slow internet connections and download speeds are also thing of the past with Ray Europa as Ray provides and installs high velocity internet through satellite dishes which owners can either purchase or rent from Ray Europa. With these dishes it means internet can be obtained in any area and at a much higher speed than what most other companies and telephone providers can offer. Dishes can also be set up for a community of neighbours, allowing them all to run off the system and have Wifi connections.

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Ray Europa

Tel: 965 084 836 or 649 888 473

Visit www.rayeuropa.com

Email: [email protected]



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