A civilised war?


FOUND myself once more engrossed in the excellent TV presentation of the ‘World at War, in colour’ series which is at the moment being repeated on ITV.

One thing that has struck me is how much more ‘civilized’ war was in those, not so far off days. Rows of captured prisoners, from both sides, being marched off, some even smiling. Obviously not sure of their ultimate fate, but certainly safe in the knowledge that their heads would not be removed and used as footballs or they would be tortured and crucified with their eyes gouged out.

How different to the lines of bowed head prisoners shuffling to exactly this form of demise at the hands of the ISIS barbarians. No wonder these unfortunate men and women are fighting them to the death with such ferocity – wouldn’t you? The governments of the world, including Saudi Arabia, who initially financed these monsters, must pour all their resources into these areas until these Satanists are crushed and broken, forever.


I did find myself particularly interested in the desert fighting segments of the WW2 series. My father drove a tank under the command of Montgomery in the North Africa fighting. I did wonder as I watched the tanks rumbling through the dust-filled, sun seared terrain, whether one of them contained my courageous father. All those who fought in this conflict were heroes, fighting for the people and the preservation of the country they loved. How proud and relieved the survivors ( My Dad one of them TG.) must have felt that when they once again set foot back onto British shores which, although war ravaged was still a place of democracy and free speech.

What a waste! Thanks to Blair and his mercenary method of importing votes, the country these brave men and women plus many of their ancestors fought for, is now descending into a country over run with spongers, illegal immigrants and no go areas, A place where people are frightened to speak out for fear of being labeled ‘racist’ (whatever that actually means!) And monuments of pride and beauty being used as shelters for dossers and beggars, determined to suck as much as possible from a country to which they have contributed absolutely zilch.

The graves of our heroes must be possibly vibrating to the spinning bodies they contain at the wanton waste of their precious sacrifices. I now see that Lord knows how many millions are being spent in an effort to make free health service more easily accessible to illegal immigrants. Makes you almost lose the will to live dunnit!?

Many congrats to my dear friend Sandy on reaching her 60th  and many more congrats to both you and him indoors in finally becoming Grandparents. Suerte.

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy.  [email protected]


  1. In my opinion, and from reading comments on news stories concerning Blair, there is an overwhelming desire to see Tony Blair charged with treason and jailed for life for the way he destroyed our country.

  2. Don´t hold your breath that thousands of UK embedded muslims will hit the streets to angrily protest about Isil.
    Their silence speaks volumes about their loyalty,it is to Islam and NOT to britain or any Western country.They are closet supporters of a non-believing death cult .

  3. lee once again 100% correct ……what a wast ….ever thought of being prime minister …..thad get my vote and all in Yorkshire /////….al se thee next time in Magaluf Keep the faith .


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