Apple launches two new iPads – ‘we saw it coming’

Cordon Press

Tech giants Apple have announced two new iPads today, the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3, but after leaking information on how to use the products appeared in the iTunes store, the world had seen it coming.

As well as the release there was an announcement that Apple Pay was also going to launch on Monday in the United States and that they were also releasing a high resolution 27-inch iMac desktop computer. The products are set to be Apple’s last big venture of this year with the rumoured iPad Pro to be postponed and released at a later date due to the high demand for iPhone 6.

The products that were released include subtle changes such as the the iPad Air 2 getting even thinner; it is the thinnest in the world, according to its creators, as it measures as just 6.11mm thick! The iPad mini 3 has received Touch ID making it safer for those who are planning to use Apple Pay when it is available on Monday. It is rumoured that Mac staff are already buying their lunch using it at the Mac headquarters in Cupertino.


For a first look at the new iPad Air 2 see Apple´s video below.



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