Ebola dog put to sleep

Cordon Press

DESPITE 300,000 petitions urging authorities to spare the Ebola nurse’s dog, Excalibur was put to sleep amid fears he could transmit the disease to other humans.

Fury erupted after Spanish authorities went to the home of Teresa Romero Ramos and euthanised Excalibur before he was taken away in a white van to be incinerated and the house disinfected.

Protesters shouted ‘murderers’ at the government who explained there was no other choice.


“Unfortunately nothing further could be done,” said Javier Rodriguez, health secretary of Madrid.

Three hundred thousand people signed the international petition fighting to protect Excalibur, and protesters flooded social media using the hashtag #SalvemosaExcalibur, Spanish for ‘Let’s Save Excalibur.’

Society animal rights group PETA also released a statement saying that the dog also had a right to be nursed back to health as well as the nurse. Romero Ramos, 44,  the nurse from Galicia in north-west Spain,  who was one of the medical team that treated two repatriated Spanish Priests who died from ebola, has been in quarantine since it was confirmed she was carrying the virus.  She had apparently taken off her glove and rubbed her face.


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