Solarshade: window tinting for comfort


SOLARSHADE offers a specialised window tinting service through a variety of solutions for homes and vehicles.

Ian Gough, owner of Solarshade had more than 10 years experience in England before he came to southern Spain in 2009 to start his successful business here.

“We provide and install solar control window films and plain window tint. The heat and sun made Spain the perfect place for this business,” he said.


And indeed Solarshade has taken him all over Spain, covering mainly the Andalucian coast at present, from Cadiz to Almeria.

“Our fully tinting mobile service means that we can tint your car windows while you wait.

There is a wide range of shades to add style as well as reduce the glare, the heat and the UV radiation, making your drive more comfortable,” Ian said. “This is totally legal in Spain and compatible with the Spanish MOT.

 The same process can be applied to homes and conservatories, commercial premises, caravans and even boats. The benefits are many, including the reduction of heat, the exclusion of 99 per cent UV light and increased privacy.

For a quote please contact Ian Gough on 644 546 176 or e-mail [email protected]



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