Learn to smile again with The Dentists at Sotogrande


QUALIFIED in his native Sweden in 1991, Dr Friman spent the first part of his career in Stockholm and in Abu-Dhabi. In 2005, he decided to return to Europe. However the climate and a network of friends made him come to the south of Spain. The Dentists will soon be celebrating their 10th anniversary at Sotogrande, helping patients not only from that area, but also along the Costa del Sol, inland, and beyond.

“At the Dentists, we have patients from all ages, all cultural backgrounds and languages,” Dr Friman said “but with the team speaking Spanish and English, and myself fluent in Swedish and German as well, language is not a problem.

Dr Friman is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and it is through this organisation he keeps up-to-date and exchanges ideas with other fellow dentists, with two concepts in mind: function and cosmetic.


A cosmetic dentistry specialist himself, Dr Friman offers all clients an initial assessment including an examination of teeth, tissue, bite and supportive structure alignment, before he discusses the best line of treatment with his team of specialists.

The experienced staff includes an oral surgeon, an orthodontist and an esthetician, working together “because I believe in interdisciplinary dentistry for better-quality results,” explained Dr Friman.

When asked about his equipment, Dr Friman said: “We are proud to be able to use the latest equipment available, such as a digital laboratory, to provide a comprehensive service in both dental health and dental beauty. But technology goes hand-inhand with skills. “We have the latest technology because we constantly update ourselves.

Dr Friman says his job is incredibly rewarding: “It gives me great satisfaction when patients who had a great deal of pain say they don’t suffer any more or when patients who were too embarrassed to smile do it again after treatment.

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