Father suspected of killing children in Cadiz


A MAN from Ubrique in Cadíz is being sought on suspicion of murdering his two children.

The two victims were found dead at a house in Ubrique this morning after a 112 call was made to the emergency services at around 5.00am.

Response units from the Guardia Civil, Local Police and the fire department found the lifeless body of a twenty-year-old woman lying in the street outside the house. The body of the deceased’s 16-year-old brother was found inside.


Initial reports suggest that both victims were killed by a bladed weapon, and that the murderer may well have been their own father, who fled the scene.

The Guardia Civil is currently combing the area in an attempt to find the suspect. The man is thought to have lived in the house with his two children since the death of their mother just over a year ago after her battle with a serious illness.

According to sources, a great argument was heard by neighbours, prompting a call to the emergency services.




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