Keeping your car pristine with Paintguard on the Costa del Sol


FOLLOWING the company’s huge success in the UK, Paintguard has now opened its doors on the Costa del Sol.

Owner of Paintguard Spain, David Crossley says it’s very exciting to be able to offer our product to the many car and bike enthusiasts in Andalucia.

We are expecting it to be as popular here, if not more, as it is in the UK.


Paintguard installed Ventureshield paint protection film is the only way to protect your car and motorcycle from stone chips, scratches, UV damage and environmental abrasions. David says – “When we buy a new phone we buy a film to protect the screen, why not protect your car in the same way?”

The quality of 3M products is known throughout the world and Ventureshield paint protection film is no exception. It’s guaranteed to remain optically clear and comes with a four year warranty. With self healing properties, the unique 3M product will repair itself of abrasions and keep your car looking great year after year.

Installation can include frontal protection only or your whole car. Once installed it’s virtually impossible to see and gives you peace of mind. As a mobile service, Paintguard will come to your garage and install on site in around four hours for frontal protection only. The film is cut by computer specifically for each car and as a result there is less waste and the film is guaranteed to fit perfectly, ensuring maximum coverage.

When buying a new car, if you have Paintguard installed it can keep your car in showroom condition, essentially freezing the aging process of the paintwork.

David said: “You know the first day you drive your new car or bike from the showroom that it’s the best it will ever look, not with our 3M paint protection film installed! You can stop worrying about the damage that would normally occur and enjoy the ride.

For examples of work why not visit the website or Facebook page paintguardspain or call David on 620 583 927 for a no obligation quote.


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