Isabel Pantoja hopes to avoid prison


LAWYERS representing singer Isabel Pantoja have high hopes that she will be able to avoid time behind bars.

The legal team representing the legendary flamenco singer Isabel Pantoja hopes to be able to deal with the fine and avoid prison as the judge is still to give the order to begin the 10-day window in which Pantoja will have to present herself at the prison gates.

Pantoja was convicted of money laundering for her part in a corruption and bribery scandal involving her ex-lover, the former mayor of Marbella, Julian Muñoz.


While everyone awaits news from the judge, Pantoja’s legal team is frantically sketching out a strategy to avoid her ending up behind bars. Although sentenced to two years in prison and a fine of €1,150,000, the lawyers representing the flamenco star remain optimistic that the singer will be able to pay the fine and successfully file for a suspension of her prison sentence.

The singer’s defence team has two cards against them and three in their favour. Even if Pantoja fulfills the requirements necessary for a suspension of her sentence, she would still have to await a ruling from the Courts in her favour. As the Courts have remained tight-lipped as to the possibility of a suspension, some have interpreted this as an intention to make her serve her time.

Furthermore, if Pantoja is unable to pay the fine, an alternative six month prison sentence could be enforced instead.

Once the order is given for Pantoja to begin her prison sentence, her defence team plan to file for a suspension of the sentence by taking three separate routes.

Firstly, her lawyers are likely to seek an annulment of the sentence in the Supreme Court, which could be successful. Secondly, Pantoja would launch an appeal in the Constitutional Court which, according to her lawyers, has already been accepted for examination.

If all else fails, the singer’s legal team would hope to get her sentence suspended by fulfilling the necessary requirements, such as paying the fine.

The case of Maite Zaldívar and her brother Jesús is different. As both have been handed prison sentences of 30 months, it is unlikely that they would be granted suspensions. The most likely end scenario is that the siblings will present themselves voluntarily to serve their sentences.




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