Malaga awarded investment money

Cordon Press

MALAGA has been allocated €274 million in spending money for investment in 2015. The central government presented the new assigned figures for 2015 to the Tax Minister Cristóbal Montoro at congress this morning.

The quota for the province has increased by 45 per cent, from last year’s figure of €111.25 per person, totaling €185.5 million. Malaga received the lowest allocated amount per person last year, with the national average middling €204.3 per person.

The main items where the money will be spent are €2.6 million to open the Aduana Museum (El Museo de Aduana), €5 million to be spent on the north access infrastructure at Malaga airport and €6 million to fund the new aquatic park.


Other projects include extending a train service to the Technological Park in Malaga (Parque Tecnología Andalucía), construction of a railway track as far as Estepona and improvements to the A7 motorway in Marbella and Benalmádena.



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