Guardia Civil rescue neglected child in Estepona

Guardia Civil

GUARDIA Civil officers were surprised to find a child in a state of squalid abandonment in a house in Estepona.

After receiving complaints from neighbours over the unhealthy smells and state of a house in Estepona, the Guardia Civil went to investigate. What they did not expect to find was a child amongst the squalor.

On searching the house, the officers witnessed first hand the filthy state that it was in. The floor was littered with dog mess and dead cockroaches, and the dirty clothes and unwashed dishes made for the least unpleasant obstacles.


What is more, the various dogs which occupied the premises had not been vaccinated, and were riddled with mange.

During the search, the Guardia Civil discovered clothes belonging to a child as well as children’s toys.

Returning to the property the following day, this time accompanied by social services, the police met a woman on the street who said that the child was sleeping in the house alone, and that the parents often left the child unsupervised.

Social services have taken the child into care whilst the authorities investigate the matter.


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