Special needs children suffer

Flickr by Theen Moy

PARENTS of special needs children attending the new classroom at CEIP Nueva Almeria have criticised the Department of Education for lack of preparation. 

Paul Ramos, parent of one the class’s children enrolled at the new centre explained that when the children arrived to begin school on September 10, they could not access the classroom on the first floor because the lift was not operational. “Our children either can’t walk, or have difficulty doing so,” said Ramos, “and we have to take them in the lift. So without the lift being operational it is very difficult.”

However, this was not the only shock in store, as the classroom was lacking basic teaching materials. Ramos continued: “In addition, we are awaiting the arrival of educational support, which is critical in this type of classroom to support the teacher and to serve the best interests of our children.”


Ramos has delivered a formal letter requesting an explanation of this lack of planning and asking for an urgent solution, especially as those suffering are children.


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