Don’t wait any longer for a new swimming pool! says Juan of Pool Sureste


POOL SURESTE is all about building your desired swimming pool.

Based in Lorca, at Pool Sureste their friendly and experienced team have been working together for more than 10 years to offer a professional and quality service to customers based in the areas of Murcia and Almeria.

“We can build swimming pools in any size or shape that the client wishes, whether it is indoor or outdoor,” Juan Antonio Romera said.


“We follow up every call with a visit to the client’s site, in order to see the area for ourselves. We listen to our clients and advise them as regards the design, materials and best possible orientation for their swimming pool. Only after this process, are we in a position to offer clients a free estimate,” Juan Antonio explained.

At Pool Sureste, there is no language barrier, Juan Antonio Romera said. “Quite often the only Spanish we hear from customers is at the end of the job, when they happily say: ‘Perfecto!’.”

He explained: “We have been working for the large English expat community since the beginning and we appreciate that they want a professional and reliable service, so we aim at helping them in every step of the way. We offer a service by which we deal with the architect, do the paperwork and hand it in at the local town hall on behalf of the client. This is the process that is needed to ask for a building licence in Spain, and it can take time for a foreigner to understand.”

When asked about the best time of year to start work on a new swimming pool, Juan Antonio advises clients to avoid the summer months. “When we build a pool, we use a specific type of concrete that we apply with a gunite machine by spraying it at high speed. Lower temperatures help the settling and drying process better.”

Last but not least, Pool Sureste has an average completion timescale of three weeks.

For a free quotation, please call Juan Antonio on 630 810 299 or E-mail: [email protected]

Proyectados Pool Sureste


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