Gain the rewards of being a high quality live-in carer


WHAT do Consultus live-in carers find the most enjoyable aspect of their work? The clients.

That was one of the results of an inhouse survey carried out by the company and it came as no surprise. For in the 50- plus years that the company has been providing live-in carers and nurses, Consultus has won a reputation as one of the UK’s most respected organisations of its type. As a result, it tends to be the more discerning clients who seek the company’s services. People who have led interesting and successful lives and who, as the survey also identified, are very grateful for the compassionate and professional services they receive. But again that is also not surprising, because Consultus takes great care to identify, train and support live-in carers who have the patience, empathy and desire to make a real difference to people’s lives. The additional rewards include the flexibility to work when and how often they like. Living with clients in the UK for 24/7 for periods of two to four weeks, Consultus live-in carers have the benefit of their own private room and board and can earn £910 to £1,372 for a two-week assignment.

Consultus live-in carers come from a wide range of backgrounds. Some have had long careers in care, while others have little or no experience other than caring for family members and take advantage of the company’s training opportunities. Whilst there are no formal age restrictions, maturity and a certain level of life experience is looked for. Training is carried out in the UK over three days to the highest levels, at the end of which carers usually go straight into placements with clients carefully matched by Consultus. Whilst in training, carers can take advantage of the The Carer House, which gives new and existing carers the opportunity to stay near the company’s head office in Tonbridge, Kent.


If you think you have the attributes to become a carer and would like to take advantage of the benefits offered by a friendly and professional agency, you couldn’t do better than to start with Consultus. Please contact Sandra Field our experienced Care Consultant in Spain:

Tel: 658 965 204.

Email: [email protected]


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