Burglars caught red-handed in Velez Malaga

Flickr CC by tm-tm

NATIONAL POLICE dismantled a burglary gang that was planning to hit a luxury bungalow.

Police detained 17 burglars from two different crime organisations that had decided to join forces and rob a luxury bungalow in Velez Malaga. A Spanish national of Colombian descent had acted as middleman between the criminals and promised to supply them with the information necessary to burglarise the property, including what alarm system it had, when the owners would not be at home and the layout of the bungalow.

The criminals were followed by the police for quite some time and were caught red-handed whilst trying to break into the targeted property. Following the operation, the police seized four cars, €1,535, $630 (€490), a frequency inhibitor, 27 mobile phones, maps, two portable transmitters and several micro cameras.



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