PSOE complaint against La Mojonera mayor

Flickr CC by Psoe de Andalucía
Junta President Susana Díaz with José Luis Sánchez Teruel -

LA MOJONERA Socialists (PSOE) have formally complained about the Partido Popular (PP) mayor of the town, Jose Cara, for his alleged involvement in several subsidiaries of Hispanic Almeria, a company being investigated for alleged irregular funding from the PP.

The formal complaint accuses the mayor of La Mojonera of committing crimes of trespass, prohibited negotiations, forgery of documents and embezzlement. The formal complaint was announced today (Tuesday) by the PSOE spokesman Francisco Navarro and general secretary of the PSOE for Almeria, Jose Luis Sanchez Teruel.

Sanchez Teruel stressed that the issues raised in the document are very serious and has asked the provincial PP for explanations. He said: “The mayor and the council should leave the town hall.” He continued: “It is a bad example for the residents of La Mojonera and society in general.”


Jose Cara, the mayor, said: “I have never been a partner of any company that has undertaken public works in the municipality. All allocations of public works in the town have been made within the provisions of the law.”


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