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HELLO and welcome to CanDu Computer Bytes.

Every week I have to try and find a subject that is computer related, but not so simple as to offend anyone, informative enough to be useful and allow a little humour into a desperately ‘dry’ subject.

This week I searched ‘Google’ for breaking news in the computer industry and found a website that parodied the internet.


Out of interest, did you know (bad mimic of Michael Caine’s voice) that ‘to Google’ is in the Oxford English Dictionary: It is a verb and means ‘Search for information about (someone or something) on the Internet using the search engine Google’ – now that is sad! As with all great parodies (read mickey takes or worse), the humorous side of the subject was amplified in a ‘tongue in cheek’ way.

In this case the subject was ‘the Internet’ as a whole! The basic story is that the internet was ‘crashed,’ without any maliciousness by an ordinary man, on his computer, doing too many things at once.

I have included the website, for those who really want to see it themselves, at the end of this article.

Is it possible for one ‘non-geek’ to bring the internet down to its knees? Let me pass on something that was told to me by a very wise couple when they said “Nothing is impossible – if you believe it strongly enough,” though I still haven’t won the lottery yet – but who knows 🙂 Statistically, it is possible to bring down the internet but, like winning the lottery, highly unlikely.

It would take an army of super geeks with limitless time and money to do this, and that isn’t me! http://www.theonion.

com/video/breakingnews- all-online-datalost- afterinternet, 14148/ I will be off to Jack’s Bar in Albox for my Friday afternoon computer clinic.

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