Katiana Vicens to appear in Court on October 13



THE court case against the secretary general of construction in the Balaeric Islands, Katiana Vicens, will commence on October 13.

The state prosecution is asking for Vicens to be sentenced to 4 ½ years in prison, for a crime against worker’s rights and compensation.


The fiscal, Monserrat Lapuente, wrote in his preview report that the incident occurred during the national strike of March 29, 2012. The union leader boarded a bus in Eusebio bus station “with the intention of damaging private property and adding workers to the strike.”

According to the accusation, she lashed out at the bus driver, saying, “stop working,” “stop the engine” or “quit.” She then grabbed the “in service” bus sign and began to hit the windscreen until it broke. The bus passengers had to leave the vehicle.

Vicensa, who has always denied the charge, announced the court date to her fellow workers at a committee meeting in Madrid.


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