A new website for Fiduciary


COMMENTING at the launch of their rebranded website, the firm’s Managing Director, Paul Correa, stated: “I am extremely pleased to announce the launch of our redesigned main website www.fiduciarywealth.eu which is technology adaptable across mobiles, tablets and laptops.

It has a number of new and exciting features including a live online interactive chat facility and revised booking system which will make it much easier for customers to make an appointment to meet with a financial planner at a location and time of their choice.” The firm has also redesigned it website www.gibraltarresidency.co.uk.

To communicate more effectively with consumers, Fiduciary Wealth, one of the leading providers of tax planning and wealth management advice to expatriates in Spain announced that it had rebranded.


To coincide with this the firm has plans to hire more independent financial advisers in Spain.

For further information please tel 900 102 374 or email [email protected]


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