UPDATE: suspected murder-suicide in Ronda


THERE were shocking scenes in a house in Ronda on Monday September 22 as police discovered a pensioner who shot his wife’s nurse before turning the gun on himself.

Police officers who entered the residence found a frail, bed-ridden woman suffering from Alzheimer’s in the same room as the two bodies. The young woman was found dead with a gunshot wound to her back, whilst the man had a wound to his chest.

Police investigators believe that the man committed suicide after first having killed his wife’s carer.


It is reported that at around midday Antonio Troyano Montero, aged 76, asked a neighbour, who was employed by the couple to carry out household tasks, to leave the premises and go for a walk.

Troyano Montero’s wife, Francisca Gonzalez, aged 78, suffers from advanced Alzheimer’s and so the elderly couple needed help from neighbours and care workers.

When she returned, no one answered the front door when she rang. Neighbours reported having heard two loud noises. With the help of the couple’s daughter, they entered the house where they found Troyano dead with a gunshot wound to his chest.

Next to him was the body of his wife’s carer, 29-year-old Lala Mohamed Ahmed Salem, with a gunshot wound to her back. Francisca Gonzalez was found alive in her bed, and later taken to hospital for observation.

When police officers arrived at the scene they quickly located the murder weapon: a shotgun used by Troyano for hunting.

Police are working with the theory that a murder-suicide took place, although the motive behind the incident remains unknown.

The neighbourhood has been left shaken by Monday’s events. Retired taxi driver, Antonio Troyano was well-known in the neighbourhood and had been a resident of Ronda all his life.

Lala Mohamed was a loved member of the community. Spanish with Saharan origin, Lala had lived in Ronda with her adopted family since the age of 10.



Original story: THE lifeless bodies of two people have been found in a house in Ronda.

At around midday on Monday the National Police were called to the house in Calle Soleares in the San Rafael neighbourhood where the two bodies had been found.

It is reported that the bodies of a man and a woman, who have still to be formally identified, displayed injuries which show every indication of being caused by a firearm.

The man is believed to be the owner of the property, and the woman, of Saharan origin, his assistant.

Sources which are yet to be confirmed have indicated the possibility that a woman was found alive at the scene with the two bodies.

Believed to be the wife of the deceased man, it is not yet clear whether or not the woman was injured.

Story develops.


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