Splashing good fun

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IT was splashing good fun and all in a good cause as members of the Euro Weekly News team joined in a ‘Get Wet with the Firemen’ day.

Inspired by the social media phenomenon Ice Bucket Challenge, Jill Leonard of Facebook site Fire and Weather Watch decided to organise an event with her friends from the local fire services.

The idea was simple; for a small donation, stand in the open and get hosed down by the firemen at Mijas Hipodromo (horse racing course).


Jill said: “I got the idea for it from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but thought we could do it to help the local firemen’s charities. We owe the ‘bomberos’ so much for the work they do, and especially with the tragedy of the helicopter pilot who was killed fighting a fire, I thought we should do something.”

So Jill got in touch with Mijas Town Council, as well as the local fire services to organise the event.

“The town hall and the Hipodromo have been fantastic in the help they have given, and I cannot thank them enough.”

First up at the event, held on Sunday September 21 were Ian McElroy and six-year-old Ana Malenar. The two got wet together before fireman Javier called Ana over to hold the hose and give Ian an extra dousing!

Ian said: “I saw the idea on Facebook and thought why not have a go? It’s all good fun and the charities deserve it.”

Also getting a soaking was a team from the EWN as well as passers-by who decided to join in the action. Lisa Howard, who took the challenge with husband Adrian, said: “I have not been in Spain long, but one of the first things that happened was a fire at El Faro (Mijas Costa). That was very scary and the firemen did a tremendous job. It is only a small thing, but this way we could give a little back.”

The charities to benefit from the event are Bomberos sin fronteras, Bomberos en Accion, Caritas and a donation to ALS will also be made.




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