ETA member to serve 81 years in prison

Policia Nacional

A SPANISH terrorist is to serve a long sentence for the killing of three Guardia Civil officers.

The National Court of Spain has sentenced ETA member ‘Fanecas’ to 81 years behind bars for killing three Guardia Civil officers on October 4, 1980 in Salvatierra, Alava.

The officers, Avelino Palma, Angel Prado and Jose Vazquez, were directing and controlling traffic in Salvatierra during the town’s Patron saint’s feast day when they were shot in the head and torso by the defendant. The judges determined it was proven beyond any reasonable doubt that Fanecas participated in the killing with two other ETA members who are already in prison for the crime.


“They suddenly shot their victims in the head and torso and fled the scene and hid in a workers’ house in Salvatierra,” said the judges, who came to the conclusion that the killing had taken place with malice aforethought.

Fanecas has also been sentenced to pay the officers’ widows €390,000 in compensation, one of whom was four months pregnant at the time.


ETA is the Basque language acronym for Euskadi Ta Askatasuna, meaning Basque Homeland and Freedom. Founded in 1959, it is estimated that the nationalist and separatist organisation has been involved in the deaths of 862 people and in dozens of kidnappings since the late 60’s.


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