Audi chooses Marbella to host the international presentation of their new model


MORE than half a million journalists from five different continents are travelling to Marbella this month to report on the new Audi models, which are currently on display outside the Marbella Club.

The specialist reporters are arriving from far and wide to report on the latest TT model, where they will also be given the opportunity to test drive the new model. Audi is also sending 60 company representatives from their worldwide distribution.

The presentation, which was inaugurated on September 2 and continues until September 26 has been divided into small groups in order to accommodate the vast influx of journalists who are invited, some staying for a few weeks and some just a few days. Marbella Club has become the headquarters for the presentation, where the cars will remain on display throughout the three weeks and accommodation for the dedicated press has been provided.


Each group will be able to inspect the primary dynamics of the car at the display area, then they will be taken to the Ascari track in Ronda, where they will be able to do more rigorous testing of the vehicles, and finally be given the chance to drive the new model down the mountain, through Marbella and back to the hotel.

Although Audi declined to comment how much the presentation had cost, they said the reasons they chose Marbella were, “the guaranteed good weather” and also the availability of hotels in the area, also they added that the Ascari circuit is “perfect for test driving the new Audi TT.”


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