Spain to deploy missiles in Turkey

Cordon Press

SPAIN’S Defence Minister Pedro Morenés has announced that Spain will deploy anti-air missiles in Turkey.

The promise comes after a meeting of Nato in Wales in early September, which focused on the escalating crises in the Ukraine and Syria. Spain’s commitment to Turkey intends to discourage potential land invasions by ISIL from Syria or Iraq. A battery of six missile launchers and 130 Spanish military personnel will be deployed in the country.

Spain’s contribution is set to relieve Dutch troops in the area, whose tour is to come to an end by February 2015. The move comes with a reiteration by Defence Minister Morenés of Spain’s commitment to fighting international terrorism. The minister described how Spain is currently involved in plans led by the US to combat the Islamic State movement which is wreaking havoc in Iraq and Syria.


He said: “Right from the start, Spain has participated in the international coalition against the terrorism of Islamic State, as it has always participated alongside the international community against this scourge that directly threats our country and its citizens.”

Morenés went on to say that Spain would not be involved in any bombing operations or ground attacks in Iraq, but will offer Spanish military bases, transport, and military intelligence to the legitimate government of Iraq.

In respect to Ukraine – the other big question debated in Cardiff’s Nato Summit – Morenés stated that Spain has donated non-lethal military equipment consisting of 500 vests and 300 helmets, to the Ukrainian government.


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