Police catch Nerja beach thief


THE Guardia Civil in Nerja has arrested the suspected perpetrator of a series of robberies and thefts which have plagued the beaches of Nerja this summer.

Codenamed ‘Operation Potato,’ investigations began in July when police noticed a rise in the number of bag thefts being reported by holidaymakers who had left their belongings on the beach in order to enjoy the famous crystalline waters of Nerja’s coves and bays.

Police commented that Nerja was a natural hunting ground for the sneak thief, who took advantage of the many rocks and inlets from where he was able to hide and watch the bathers.


Some of the thief’s victims were able to give clues to the police which enabled them to track down the suspects. They even managed to recover a number of handbags, backpacks and electronic devices, returning them to their rightful owners.

The man suspected of committing the crimes is 23-years-old, and has been remanded in custody. 


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