Moclinejo celebrates its traditional Fiesta Viñeros

Flickr by Juan Pablo Olmo

THOUSANDS gathered in Moclinejo for the 14th edition of the traditional Fiesta Viñeros.

If the steep hillsides surrounding Moclinejo could talk, they would tell tales about tireless farmers working the land for hundreds of years to grow luscious Muscats of Alexandria. These delicious white wine grapes, used for wine in Alicante, Valencia, the Canary Islands and Malaga, are believed to have originated in North Africa and then spread throughout the Mediterranean.

Fully aware of the well-deserved reputation of the grapes grown in the Axarquia, more than 5,000 people gathered in the small town to celebrate the 14th edition of the Fiesta Viñeros de Moclinejo, where tourists and local residents tried delicious raisins, grapes and traditional broths.


Moclinejo Council took advantage of the opportunity to acknowledge the hard work done by the Association Breast Cancer Patients (Asamma) and the Mayors’ Office of the Provincial Council of Malaga.

The town crier was President of the Provincial Council of Malaga Elias Bendodo who announced the beginning of the Moscatel grape harvest, which is expected to be considerably inferior to last year’s as a result of the drought. Nevertheless, Bendodo said the Moscatel grape is “the jewel of the Axarquia” and encouraged visitors and Malaga residents to visit Moclinejo any time of year.


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