Margaret Thatcher honoured in Madrid

Cordon Press

SIR MARK THATCHER attended a special ceremony today to inaugurate the ‘Plaza Margaret Thatcher’ in Madrid, in honour of his mother Baroness Margaret Thatcher.

The central square in Madrid is the first place outside of the UK to honour the late prime minister, a gesture that sees her remembered alongside the famous Malaga painter Pablo Picasso and the Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus.

After Madrid’s mayor unveiled a sign bearing the inscription ‘Plaza Margaret Thatcher,’ Mark addressed the Mayor Ana Botella and dignitaries in his speech at the Spanish capital.


 “I know that her history, her honour, will be adequately well defended by the people of Spain, the people of Madrid and in particular, in this wonderful location, which will live for many, many years in the future.”

Mrs Botella also added, “She was a transforming personality, capable of defying bankrupt economic and social paradigms. The end of the Cold War, tearing down the Berlin Wall in a revolt against Communism, the downfall of the Soviet Union, could not be explained without Margaret Thatcher.”


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