East Europeans brutally attack woman in Torremolinos


A WOMAN was brutally attacked and disfigured by two Eastern European men, in the entrance to her home on Saturday night. The victim, a 60.year-old foreign resident, was rushed to hospital and is said to be stable, suffering from a broken skull and fractures to her face and neck.

She was attacked as she entered the main lift in the building by the two men, one Bulgarian and the other Romanian, who repeatedly hit her and kicked her, as they tried to steal her bag, causing multiple wounds and a fractured skull.

The police were called when a neighbour heard screaming and raised the alarm. The victim was found badly injured and bleeding and taken immediately to a hospital in Malaga, where she will remain until her recovery.


An immediate search was put out for the two men by both the National Police and the Local Police who believed that the two individuals had been seen earlier in a bar near the apartment complex.

They were eventually caught a few hours later and remain in custody. 



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