Catalonians rally for independence

flickr by Agencia Catalana de Noticies

THE President of the Generalitat (Government of Catalonia) Artur Mas said on Friday he is thoroughly convinced that Catalans will vote on November 9 on whether they want Catalonia to become independent or remain part of Spain. “I am sure we will vote, but I do not know under what circumstances, because there are things that do not depend on the Govern,” said Mas in an interview given to Rac1.

His objective is for the referendum to have all democratic guarantees so that the legitimacy of the results cannot be disputed by anyone, he said. However, Mas did not say what measures the Generalitat would take if a council refuses to cooperate logistically. Should the conditions of the referendum be altered because of a third party, Mas said he would have to agree upon a proper response with the other political parties that support the referendum, namely CiU, ERC, ICV-EUiA and CUP.

Thousands of Catalans rallied in Barcelona on Thursday – on Catalonia’s national day or La Diada – demanding the right to hold a referendum on independence. The participants waved Spanish flags, wore its colours (red and yellow) and stood in a V-shape formation as a symbol of their desire to vote.


Spokesman for the Generalitat Francesc Homs said on Friday that the huge turnout of the rally energises the independence process. “We are stronger than the day before yesterday. People have done their homework and now the ball is on the political parties’ court. We heard the message loud and clear,” said Homs in an interview with Catalunya Radio and added that the Generalitat has not heard from Spain’s Central Government since La Diada, but that they are willing to negotiate.

President of the National Catalan Assembly (ANC) Carme Forcadell said such level of unity had never been achieved in Catalonia’s history and that it must be preserved because it will make the region gain independence.



  1. These catalan separatist are out of their mind if they think a mob of little kids and old men and women are going to force Spain to give up territory. This is not DEMOCRACY it is known as SEDITION!! Hell, Texas wants out of the U.S. but what is stopping them a Democratic Constitution in which Spain has one too.


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