Junta president ordered to return from holiday


SUSANA DIAZ, the president of the Junta de Andalucía (regional government), has been ordered by PP officials to return from her holiday in Morocco, to face questioning over missing billions.

Furious PP officials are calling for the Junta president to return from her holiday and answer questions concerning phony training courses that were set up, using fictional overseas students, in order to abstract millions of euros of tax payers money and billions in EU education funding.

Angel Ojeda, former Andalucian tax office chief was arrested as part of Operation Oscar, one of many investigations into the scandal.


Claims by the police investigating the case, report that Ojeda was leading a very complex business network which consisted of more than 50 companies, foundations and associations, all of which had received ‘tens of millions of euros’ from the Andalucian government.

The ongoing case, Spain’s second biggest financial fraud in history, has attracted huge media and public pressure to investigate exactly who is to blame and where the money has gone. It is believed that 70 per cent of the companies set up to do the training courses were merely fronts to syphon the money, while other companies listed students that were not even signed up for the course.

“Who will take responsibility?” asked the Andalucian PP president, Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla. “Who needs to stand down, resign, for failing to put sufficient controls, for not having audited public accounts?”

The investigation continues.



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