Mickey Rourke queues for Putin shirt

Cordon Press

The Hollywood actor, star of ‘The Wrestler,’ queued up with many Russians in a shop in order to purchase a President Putin t-shirt. They are priced at around €25 and a massive rush has been made for it.

It seems that Rourke is quite the Putin fan too; he has been quoted as saying “If I didn’t like him, I wouldn’t buy the t-shirt believe me. I met him a couple of times and he was a real gentleman, a very cool regular guy, looked me right in the eye. I think he is a good guy. If I didn’t believe, I wouldn’t wear the t-shirt.”

Rourke went for the grey option but many people were seen buying two, three or four shirts at the same time. This news follows a concert performed in Crimea by Steven Seagal.  



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