Holidaymakers face £325 speeding fine


Holidaymakers in Spain may face up to a £325 on the spot speeding fine for going just 1kmph over the speed limit and may have points taken from their UK driving licence.

New Spanish laws introduced in May this year increase the top speed on designated motorways to 130kmph, 1kmph above the limit could cost visiting motorists an instant £325 speeding fine, or even a £500 fine for further serious speeding offences.

The warning comes from holiday Rental Company Europcar talking with the Daily Mail.

Whilst speed limits change on motorways they are also being decreased in built up residential arrears to just 20kmph with limits of 50kmph on urban roads.

Motorists from the UK may also risk getting points on their UK driver’s licence for driving offences committed within continental Europe with the new enforcements.

Currently Spain and France are the only European countries to issue immediate on the spot fines.

Expats and travelling Brits are advised to brush up local driving laws before leaving home or hiring a rental car whilst on holiday.

Ken McCall, Managing Director of Europcar UK Group told the Daily Mail, “whichever country you are visiting, don’t get caught out by assuming that foreigners will be exempt from the law.

“Make sure you do your homework before arriving at your destination so that you remember the trip for all the right reasons.”


  1. I am not sure such measures are legal. In Britain the Police have to allow 10% because of differences in speedometer readings because all cars cannot be 100% accurate.
    Anyone who gets caught out may find it worthwhile taking such a case to the European Court.


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