Tourism on the rise in Malaga province


INTERNATIONAL tourism is on the rise in Malaga with an 8 per cent rise in the number of Europeans choosing the Costa del Sol as their favourite summer destination.

So far this year 2.3 million Europeans have passed through the arrival gates of Malaga airport.

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There has been an even bigger increase in the number of international tourists from further afield with 267,580 of them arriving from places as varied as China, the Far East or the United States; this makes for a 10 per cent rise in this group.

Elias Bendodo, provincial delegate for tourism, has commented that the numbers so far augur well for the yearly targets of 10 million tourists, with five million of them coming between June and September.

Bendodo went on to comment that the number of national tourists has also risen by 2.4 per cent.

The nationality showing the greatest rise is German followed closely by Russians and Italians. The greatest number of tourists arriving on the Costa del Sol are still coming from the UK and even this group has risen by 5 per cent.


  1. Can you pass on to the new foreigners office in Marbella SATE that the police also need to patrol the the spots in Puerto Banus near Kebab corner and near to Benabola Hotel the 2 places where there are cash dispensers, 2 of my clients were mugged earlier this year taking out money and they said there was NO police to protect them, this was between 00.01 and 03.00am

  2. Hi Russell,
    It’s awful to hear that people are being mugged in a specific area. Hopefully your post will raise awareness. Here are the numbers to contact in Puerto Bannus, to report a crime call 902 102112 or visit the website
    Thanks for sharing the information and giving future visitors a heads up.


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