Cilla Black’s Estepona villa in blaze

Cordon Press

Cilla Black’s Estepona villa has been badly damaged in a fire.

The Blind Date star was in the UK when the house, in Estepona, Costa del Sol, was engulfed earlier this month.

She told The Sun “All the hedges have gone at the front of the house. A Good Samaritan – a neighbour opposite – saw the flames at three o’clock in the morning.


“I have management over there and a gardener, but I could’ve been in the house when it happened.

“It frightens me.”

She normally stays in the extravagant property every August. However, nowshe will have to go sooner to watch over the repairs.

Cilla, 71, who lost her husband Bobby in 1999, explained that she was uneasy about living thereby herself.

Nonetheless, she explained to The Sun, “I’ve got to go to Spain, it’s got to be done, to get over being frightened, the longer I leave it , the worse it’s going to be.

“What frightens me most is being on my own – I don’t stay there on my own.

“I usually don’t go there until August but I’m going early this time.”

Luckily, the TV host also has property in Barbados, London, and Buckinghamshire.


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