Crackdown on drug dealing Brits in Spain


A huge crackdown on Brits with drug offences in Spain this year has been hugely successful. One hundred and seventy three offenders have been arrested which represents a massive 68% increase, according to a statement from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The FCO say that this is completely due to the crackdown.


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The main case the Spanish police are currently working on is regarding the distribution of a new party drug called ‘Cannibal.’ It has been popular amongst tourists this summer, especially on the Balearic Islands. Police believed that a huge shipment of the drug arrived on the coast of the island a few months ago and are straining to cut the flow. 


Mark Simmonds, theConsular Affairs Minister,made a statement saying “With the summer holidays just around the corner, millions of people across the UK will be looking forward to taking a trip abroad. The vast majority will enjoy a trouble-free holiday, but for those who do encounter difficulties our consular staff are there to offer support.


“This year’s report has highlighted some encouraging downwards trends, and this allows our staff to concentrate more on supporting our most vulnerable customers. However, the FCO continues to help thousands of British nationals who get into trouble overseas every year.”


He added “Not all consular cases are preventable, but for many travellers taking a few simple steps of preparation can reduce the risk of getting into trouble.


“Taking out comprehensive travel insurance, researching the country and health risks before you go and behaving responsibly when you arrive can all help to ensure that you remember your holiday for the right reasons.”

The second-largest number of drug arrests involving Britons last year was in the USA, with 102 cases.


However,this was a 29 per cent fall on the 2012/13 number.


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