Bieber receives punishment

Cordon Press

Justin Bieber has received a court order to pay $80,900 (59,341) for damages after egging his then-neighbour’s house back in January.

The pop star also has to undergo 12 weeks of anger management, five days of community service and he must stay away for his former neighbour and his family for two years. Bieber did not have to appear in the courtroom.

The egging caused $20,000 in damage to the house when Bieber and friends pelted eggs over the fence of his mansion in the high end city, Calabasas, California. Police had footage of Bieber high-fiving friends after the incident and used it as evidence.


“Justin is glad to get this matter resolved and behind him,” Bieber’s representatives stated.

“He will continue to move forward focusing on his career and his music.”

The former teen star has had a mountain of legal trouble this year and still has two upcoming criminal cases.

The first is for drunken drinking, without a valid driving licence and then resisting arrest in Miami, back in January as well.

That same month he turned himself in to police and admitted to assaulting a limousine driver in late December in Toronto, Canada.



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