Ambassador backing plan to clean up Magaluf’s image

MAGALUF: not just a clubbers paradise.

THE British Ambassador to Spain is backing a Spanish government initiative to clean up the image of Magaluf.

In the wake of the recent sex for drinks scandal in Magaluf the government is requesting a move towards more knowledge rather than penalisation. 

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The area hit the British tabloid headlines after an 18-year-old woman was filmed performing sex acts on 24 men in a bar.

Isabel Borrego, secretary of state for tourism, has commented that people guilty of anti-social behaviour in areas like Magaluf are in need of “being more aware rather than being punished and this goes for the tourists and the business people alike.”

She went on to underscore the fact that this awareness must be achieved together and that she did not think that punishment for the actions would resolve the matter.

The Spanish government wants quality tourism and this is something which should be worked towards by both the government and the private sector.

In her meeting with Jaime Martinez, Balearic councillor for tourism, and Simon Manley, the British Ambassdor, she stated that the Spanish Government was going ahead with a new campaign to try and clean up the image of the island.

This campaign would be broadcast in both Britain and Spain and offer an image of the islands as hosting “responsible” tourism rather than mad partying which is its current image.

Mr Manley said: “We agreed that the situation in some parts of the islands was a cause for concern and that we all wanted to see British tourists being able to enjoy their holidays in safety. 
“We welcomed consideration by the national and local Spanish authorities of what they can do on the ground in the affected areas.
“We set out our approach to prevention and to consular assistance to those UK nationals most in need in Spain.” He added: “We agreed to work together closely on these issues in the days and weeks ahead.”


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