Near double plane crash at Barcelona

Screenshot from youtube video by Barcelona-El Prat In'tl

A Boeing 767-300 had to abandon its landing just a few metres from touch down at Barcelona airport as an Airbus A340 was unexpectedly on the runway.

Had the upcoming disaster not been avoided, there could have been a tragedy to rival the Tenerife airport disaster of 1977 in which 583 people were killed.

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The incident occurred yesterday morning at in El Prat, Barcelona, Spain. The Boeing was landing from Russia, while the airbus was departing for Buenos Aires. The Russian pilots pulled off an impressive mid landing move to avoid the upcoming disaster. 

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You Tube- Barcelona-El Prat In’tl


  1. Lucky passengers and congratulations to the Russian pilot, well done!
    I hope someone’s head is going to roll in the ATC for allowing this stupid action. Also, before crossing a live runway the crew should check the approach before entering. The A340 crew obviously didn’t.
    Smart and swift action prevented what could have been a major catastrophe.


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