Train pain in Spain


Madrid passengers risked everything to avoid being trapped in the metro. After a train broke down between the Pirámides and Acacias stations on Wednesday morning, a number of travellers became impatient after 15 minutes, pulled open the train doors and began walking down the track.

The passengers’ rash act could have been born out of wanting to make sure to avoid a repeat of a similar incident in Madrid last year when hundreds of commuters were stuck on the same line for over an hour and a half. One passenger even required medical treatment after suffering from an anxiety attack.

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In better Spanish train news, the construction of the Malaga metro line 1 looks to be in the final stage of completion. Many believe it will be opened in the next few weeks despite the fact an opening date is not being released due to fears of further embarrassing delays.

The train will cost €1.35 for a one way ticket and €0.85 if you have a pass. Trains will be running from 6.30 am to 11 pm.  Testing has also begun on line 2. These tests consist of the simulation of all parts of the actual operation with train services, schedules, frequencies and travel times all tested but without passengers,  according to the Ministry of Public Works and Housing in a statement.


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