King’s sister corruption charges decision expected


The Spanish Royal family have been a trifle busy over the past few weeks, the abdication of the old King Juan Carlos, and his subsequent fight for immunity over a paternity case, the Coronation of the new King Felipe VI, and it isn’t over yet.

This week a judge is expected to rule on whether Princess Cristina, Felipe’s sister, will be charged with fraud and money laundering, either of which could see her facing up to six years in prison. She has already appeared in court in Mallorca and has no immunity despite being the King’s sister.

Her husband,  Iñaki  Urdangarin, is accused of using money paid as part of a non profit organisation for his own use. His wife, 49-year-old Princess Cristina was co-named in January of this year. It was the first time that a member of the Spanish royal family had appeared in court.


Although the princess and her husband have consistently denied the charges, the corruption claims have been hanging over the royal couple for months.

Neither of the couple was present at Felipe’s coronation last week


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