Petrol goes up again

MORE CASH: less petrol

THE price of petrol and diesel has gone up by 0.37 per cent in the last week and is approaching a yearly high.

Petrol now costs €1.427 and diesel €1.320, almost equalling the previous high in September of last year.

It has now been nine weeks that petrol has cost over the €1.4 mark according to a EU petrol report.

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This means that filling the average petrol tank, 55 litres, now costs €78.48 and the average diesel tank, also 55 litres, now costs €72.6 which is €0.32 more than last week.

As a reference, a barrel of crude Brent oil costs $114.3 while the Texas sweet light costs $106.22.

While petrol and diesel are still cheaper in Spain than in many other EU countries, it has to be borne in mind that the average earnings in Spain are lower than most other EU countries.

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