Weak and indecisive…

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Barak Obama.

THOSE of you who peruse this blurb on a regular basis will know I have very little time for Barak Obama.

I think the man is weak, indecisive and elected for all the wrong reasons. I also maintain his actions regarding the problems of radical Islam are often questionable to say the least. In fact I consider some of his rhetoric and decisions in that direction often give rise to suspicions as to where his true loyalties actually lie.

The speech some time ago for example, where he declared that Muslims had always had a close and productive association with the USA. Later of course, this was revealed as a ludicrous statement, with not one predominant example being discovered anywhere in American history.

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Without a shot being fired (metaphorically at least), before the war was anywhere near being won and under the guise of ‘bringing our boys/girls back home,’ he actually managed to withdraw the whole American army from Afghanistan, thereby handing outright victory to the Taliban – how they must have all loved him for that!

This latest incident is so blatant, it borders on the fringes of an intelligence insulting exercise that is almost frightening in its pure arrogance. In exchange for one American serviceman, a man whose service record is appearing more and more dubious, and who could in fact turn out to be an actual deserter, he hands over FIVE of the Taliban’s top military leaders! When publicly challenged over the decision, in an endeavour to appear a zealous patriotic president (which of course should be unquestionable) he weakly waffles in his defence that, ‘whatever it takes, we will bring every one of our troops home.’ I’d like to have been a mosquito on the wall during those ‘negotiations’. One for one, perhaps. Even two for one would have been just about acceptable. But five!? No, sorry Mr. President, I think we should all be extremely worried about your motives and deeply suspicious of your actual position in these unsettling times.

Well, I don’t often use the blurb for personal subjects, but I have just returned from a weekend in Holland! (I know I know!), where I did a quick Tele and sang at the birthday party of an old and dear friend of mine. How wonderful it was to just wallow in the world of millionaires, however briefly. The grounds and magnificent rooms of a country mansion, three bands. A half dozen top performers, enough champagne to refloat the Titanic and Beluga in quantities to relieve a thousand virgin sturgeons of their egg production. Many thanks to Bert and Malis Maas It was a real blast. Many happy returns.

Have a good week. Try and do a good turn or two, and whatever ya do. Always 

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy.  [email protected]


  1. Leapy, I for one find a lot of truth in what you say, in particular the prisoner swap. But whichever way you look at it, Obama is a damn sight better than some of the previous President’s Like G W Bush, Jimmy Carter and Nixon.


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