Killer jailed for just three years


The Malaga court has sentenced the Spanish killer for just three years for the attack which took the life of dad of three Stephen Mallon. The bar brawl also left his sons with severe injuries.

According to local witnesses, the incident started over a girl who used to date one of the accused, outside a disco-bar called La Estrella in the Axarquia village of Cómpeta. Stephen Mallon was subsequently dazed when a beer bottle smashed over his head. After receiving the impact he hid on a balcony before being pushed from a 13 ft ledge.

The Scottish holidaymaker, 49, died 11 days later due to a severe brain haemorrhage suffered during the bar brawl.


“During the fight, all the defendants attacked the injured Brits with the intention of physically harming them,”State Prosecutor Cecilia Solana told the court: “All the defendants were willing participants. The wronged Brits could only defend themselves against the blows they received.”

Mr Mallon’s sons said they were attacked by over 40 men (of which only 15 took the stand as defendants) armed with belts, irons bars and flower pots, both suffered broken bones during the orgy of violence, simply because they were British.

The defendants claim the tourists were the aggressors, provoking the ‘fight’ when one of the twins danced with the girlfriend of one of the men.

Two men were found guilty of assault with dangerous weapons, but in Spain prison sentences of two years or less are normally suspended for first time offenders who pay compensation orders.The Spanish Judge also ordered the main accused,Jose Jimenez Martin tocompensate Mr Mallon’s three children with €90,000 (£72,000) each and his hairdresser widow Teresa with €120,000 (£96,000).

Jimenez has been spared a possible 15-year jail sentence after been cleared of homicide and instead convicted of Mr Mallon’s manslaughter.


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  1. Another tragic miscarriage of so-called justice! It does not surprise me that the sentences were light because they were Spanish and the victims foreigners.
    Does the Judge actually think these compensation payments will be met? I am sure there is no chance of that, for where would the average Spaniard get that kind of money? It’s impossible!
    You can make all the excuses you like but there is much resentment against foreigners in Spain. I sometimes see it in bars and cafes here in Marbella where I am ignored by some waiters who first serve Spanish people who came in minutes after me. At times I have been waiting for ten minutes before I eventually walk out disgusted.
    I am happy to say this is not everywhere.
    My condolences to the victim’s family, and I hope they fight for proper justice, for this is a travesty.

  2. Competa is not a split village. There is not ant-British sentiment in Competa. These young men are not the thugs and they are certainly not a “gang” that the press are implying. It is tragic that this man died, but there is way more to this story than is being reported in the press.


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