Costly divorce for Banderas

Tattoo much too soon for Melanie?

When the 56-year-old actress Melanie Griffith filed for divorce from longtime husband Antonio Banderas on June 6, many wondered how they will split their assets after 18 years together. The former Hollywood couple reportedly has a combined fortune of more than €37 million ($50 million), as well as investments with commercial real estate in Los Angeles, Miami, Aspen, New York and several restaurants around the world.

Source close to the couple said:“Banderas is a shrewd businessman; he has a lot of investments and business interests. Melanie’s no slouch either; they don’t spend money they don’t have. They are very proud of that.”

A joint statement has been issued through their lawyer, stating the couple had mutually agreed to the split after carefully considering to untie the knot, Melanie has requested spousal support and child support for their daughter Stella Banderas, as well as joint legal custody.


Rumours arose in July 2012 involving problems with the couple, when alleged footage showed Banderas kissing a younger woman in a Cancún nightclub.

This will be Banderas’s second divorce, and apparently Melanie Griffith’s fourth separation, having previously married actor Don John twice, as well as another actor Steve Bauer.



Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffiths to divorce


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