Waging war on summer mosquitoes


CAMPELLO is fighting mosquitoes from the air and on land. The town hall is  introducing early preven-tative measures to avoid a repetition of last summer’s problems when residents – including expatriates of all nationalities – and tourists complained about the plagues of mosquitoes.

They are especially troublesome along the River Seco and a fumigation helicopter has completed the first of a series of flights, which will be repeated throughout the summer.

In the past the Rio Seco lived up to its name except during flash floods. Now it carries excess water from the San Juan treatment plant and has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, especially near the river-mouth.


The helicopter will be used in areas where the fumigation company’s off-roaders cannot reach.  They will spray twice weekly, while the helicopter is due to return next month.

Residents have also been asked to do their bit by ensuring that swimming pools are regularly cleaned to avoid becoming breeding grounds for mosquitoes. If owners do not wish to go to the expense of using chemicals they can even introduce carp, the fumigation company has 


  1. It’s good news for all residents and visitors as El Campello has some of the best restaurants,transport connections, and softest sandy beach where safe rock free swimming is enjoyed by thousands of residents and loyal tourists all year round.
    We’ve lived here for 8 years and last year we visited the river Seco area because of the dog swimming area there. We were swarmed by these pesky creatures. Here’s to a scratch free summer.


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