Smugglers arrested after landing drugs on tourist beach in broad daylight

SURVEILLANCE ON BEACH: produced three detentions

THREE PEOPLE have been detained in Estepona, Malaga, for trying to unload 234 kilos of hashish onto a beach frequented by tourists.

Several complaints were lodged with the Local Police reporting that, in broad daylight and in full view of all the beachgoers, smugglers were unloading large amounts of drugs from boats and then these drugs were being taken to the cars waiting on the promenade.

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The police investigated the claims and found that this was taking place on the Piedra Paloma beach; the smugglers were using a small pleasure craft to bring the drugs close to the beach and then just unloading them and carrying them to cars waiting on the closest road. While they carried the drugs to the waiting cars they frequently threatened the beach goers with violence if they said anything or raised the alarm with the police.

A surveillance operation on the aforementioned beach produced three arrests and the confiscation of 234 kilos of hashish, two mobile phones, the small pleasure craft and a GPS.

Police were later able to identify and arrest the owner of the pleasure craft.



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