Create your own Toy Story with Pixar

RenderMan allows users to create characters like this Pixar favourite.

Pixar is soon to release its software programme which allows users to create their very own cartoon characters. For 25 years the company has created the likes of popular animated films Toy Story, Wreck It Ralph and Monsters University using a custom-built software that is soon to be made available for everyone.

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RenderMan is a visual effects programme used to create 3D animations and graphics. Individual licences for the software typically cost $500 but from August amateur animators can get hold of the non-commercial version for free.

The programme uses a process of rendering, which is used in 3D graphics for films, cartoons and video games to make the final image appear as realistic as possible. RenderMan is generally considered to be the best programme for this sort of technology.

Along with Pixar’s own releases, the technology has been used to create effects in films like Interview With A Vampire, Jurassic Park, the newest Star Wars films and James Bond film SkyFall.

The Californian company, which was set up by Steve Jobs in 1986 after he bought George Lucas’ Computer Graphic Division, said in a statement: ‘Given the continually falling price of computing, trends point to studios and individual artists needing more and more rendering capacity.

‘Reducing the cost of RenderMan makes it more cost effective to expand capacity and generate higher quality pixels. 

‘Pixar has established a new price point to specifically encourage accessibility and remove barriers to growth, all as part of a long-term rendering strategy that will channel new rendering technologies from Disney and Pixar into the production industry.’


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